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7 Keys to Relieving Stress

Easy Remedies For the Common Problem We Know as Stress

From small setbacks to major issues, stress is a normal part of life. Normal and inevitable. It can occur when a university student is faced with an impending deadline for a project that counts for half of their course grade or when your everyday office employee is overwhelmed by the workload at their daily job. These are just a few of the many things that can build up stress. However, just because some circumstances are beyond your control, doesn’t mean that you can’t control how you respond to them. When stress becomes too much for you to handle, it’s important you have some remedies ready. They are essential to healing your mental and physical wellbeing. These are some keys to relieving stress, courtesy of OneSiam. 

1. Exercise 

Upon hearing this word for the first time, you might think, “Too tiring.” or “Nah, too lazy.” But exercise will really do you good. It is especially the most important way to combat stress. As funny as it sounds the physical stress that you put on your body through exercise will relieve your mental stress. Those who exercise on a regular basis are less likely to experience stress. There are a few reasons why exercise is good for stress relief: 

  • Exercise lowers the stress hormones in your body in the long run. It also helps in the release of endorphins, which help to improve your mood.  
  • Exercise improves the quality of your sleep. 
  • Exercising on a regular basis will make you feel more confident with your body, in turn improving your mental wellbeing. 

So with that being said, OneSiam can provide you with the facilities needed for you to get your stress-relieving exercise. Whether if it’s Virgin Active on Siam Discovery’s 5th floor or Fitness First Platinum Siam Paragon on Siam Paragon’s 4th floor, the facilities and equipment are all tailored for you so that you can get all kinds of exercise: cardio, weights, circuit training, and even boxing. They’ll have you feeling better in no time.   


2. Aromatherapy 

The use of scents have been known to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Aromatherapy helps you feel more energized and relaxed at the same time, altogether eliminating the stress. Research suggests that it alters brain wave activity and lowers stress hormones. OneSiam has no shortage of aromatherapy products, including scented candles, diffusers, and sprays. These can be found at Jo Malone on Siam Discovery’s Ground floor or Bath & Body Works on Siam Center’s M floor. And believe us when we say that the selection of fragrances are virtually endless. So light a candle, open up a diffuser, spray your room with your favorite scent… aromatherapy will help guide you out of this mess they call stress.   

3. Write it Down 

Sometimes, it’s as simple as writing down how you’re feeling onto a piece of paper. To make this method even more effective, as you write down what’s stressing you out, also write down one thing that you are grateful for. It’s not so much about writing down the cause of your stress that helps. It’s more about the subject of gratitude. In this case, gratitude helps to relieve stress by helping you focus your thoughts on the positive side of your life. Why let the ugly drag you down when there is so much beauty to be acknowledged? 

So what’s the best way to do this? Having a notebook would be a great start. You can get some quality notebooks at Loft on Siam Discovery’s 2nd floor.        

4. Spend Time with Friends or Family 

Stress does make you miserable. And misery loves company. Which is why it is vital to spend time with your friends or family in times of stress. Being part of a circle of friends gives you a sense of belonging and self-worth. Studies have found that being with friends and family helps release oxytocin, a natural stress reliever. Once you’re with other people, you can even vent your feelings to them so long as they’re willing to listen. If you let it out, you may find that you feel better. 

So after work or after classes, make an appointment with your friends or family. Spend some quality time with them at OneSiam. Find a nice restaurant to sit at and make conversation; a good place would be Greyhound Café on Siam Center’s M Floor. Meet with them for dinner, catch up, maybe even talk about the things that have been going on with you. It doesn’t matter what you do here, just as long as you’re with them.  

5. Laugh

Laughing makes it difficult to feel stressed and it is good for your health. There are two ways in which laughing helps to relieve stress: 

  • Laughing relieves stress response. 
  • Laughing relieves tension by relaxing your muscles. 

After all, there is a saying that goes, “Laughter is the best medicine.” And it may just be true. At OneSiam, you can get access to a good laugh by watching a funny movie at Paragon Cineplex on Siam Paragon’s 5th floor. 

6. Listen to Soothing Music 

Listening to music has been known to have a relaxing effect on your body. It’s even better if the music you’re listening to is slow and instrumental. It’s been found that slow-paced instrumental music can induce the relaxation response by lowering both blood pressure and heart rate, as well as decreasing your stress hormones. Recommended for listening to include classical, Native American, and Celtic music. However, listening to your favorite style of music has also been proven to work just as effectively. 

But if you want to enhance this stress-relieving music experience, you can get some quality audio equipment, whether it’s headphones or speakers, from the Digital Lab at Siam Discovery’s 2nd floor, home to top-notch audio brands like Bose, JBL, and Marshall. 

7. Take a Walk 

That’s it, you read that right. Taking a walk works more miracles than you would think. This is one fantastic stress reliever that will work within minutes. For starters, it allows you to enjoy a change of scenery. Once you get the change of scenery, you allow yourself to enter into a different state of mind. Hey, that’s a good start already. It can be something as simple as getting up from your chair and going for a stroll in the office to get a break from frustration or taking a long walk in the park after work.       

You can also enjoy a nice walk at OneSiam. Here, you expose yourself to a variety of atmospheres offered by Siam Paragon, Siam Center and Siam Discovery. Each shopping center is unique with its own ambience. Furthermore, you’ll be surprised at how much peace you can find at Bangkok Sea Life Ocean World on Siam Paragon’s B floor. As Southeast Asia’s largest aquarium, this place has the power to spiritually heal and fill you with positive energy, especially when things have been particularly hard. A walk through Ocean World might be better than any medical prescription.

There will be times when you feel like the deadline for your class project is too close for comfort or the work in your office is too much to handle. Stress is sometimes unavoidable, that’s the hard truth. But with that being said, every problem has its solution. In this case, there are multiple solutions. So whatever it is that’s dragging you down, let go of it all and allow OneSiam to hold your hand on your journey to stress relief.